Where to practice a different sex without taking risks?

Outside or inside the house

Do you get bored of having sex with your partner always in bed? If the answer is affirmative, do not miss this article because we are going to reveal some variables to practice a different sex and that will make your sexual relationships recover all their past splendor.

Sex, like anything else in life, if it is not renewed, ends up boring and wearing down the couple. With the passage of time, we transform it into one more act of our life, such as eating or walking. And little by little we relegate it to the space of our house more comfortable and that less effort requires: the bed.

If you are in that stage in which the disorganization of the sheets with your partner has ceased to be a satisfactory stimulus for both, the time has come to put aside your comfort zone, forget the known and get ready to explore sexual spaces different

Sex outside the home?

This is a great option. Practicing sex in hotels or public places usually brings a dose of passion and morbidity that renews any relationship. It is not that you risk being imprisoned for exhibitionism but to find a place that, although it has a minimum risk, can become that place where the possibility of being surprised is high. You can also perform an erotic massage for couples in Barcelona at our Dharma massage center.

Everything will depend on your personality. If the simple act of exposing yourself to be seen makes you suffer more than you enjoy, it is not the most advisable, unless this suffering excites you more than you think. In that case we recommend a nice hotel on the outskirts of the city.

But, if you dare to live a little more risk, starting a relationship in the elevator when it is rising or falling, for example, could become an excellent option to at least serve as a warm-up game.

Another wonderful option is the beach when it is not very busy. Stimulating the genitals of our partner in a disguised way, always vigilant not to be discovered, can grant us immense pleasure.

A public park can also serve and who knows, maybe you will discover that you can increase your passion if you come across someone willing to look at you without hesitation. Never forget that taking this type of risk can cause a complaint and one or more headaches. Do it with caution!

To finish, the public bath is the one that takes the palm. Whether it is a park, a library or even the bathroom of the workplace. That feeling that it is a space between private and public, eroticizes even the coldest of mortals.

Sex inside the house?

Surely the most preferred option is to find an erotic space inside the house to innovate in sex. This alternative is much less risky, economic and does not involve more effort than doing it in bed.

Home provides a lot of opportunities to take advantage of. Let’s see what they are:

The couch

This object of daily use that so many moments of sexual happiness has given us in other times, with the passing of the years we relegate it to a place to watch television and little else.

Recover the sofa and you will see how funny it can be to feel the improvisation of “here I catch you, here I kill you”.


This is a classic. Do not tell me you’ve never tried it? The bathroom is the most erotic place in the house and, if it is under the shower or in the bathtub, even better.

The toilet, with the lid down, also has its point for an original penetration “as God demands”.

On the kitchen table

This is an ideal site. It is comfortable and allows wide movements. Without forgetting that we will have at hand food, such as cream or champagne, which can serve us perfectly to increase the morbid.

That’s right, wherever you choose to have sex with your partner, be careful not to hurt anyone’s sensibilities. It is not appropriate to enjoy sex by damaging the moral integrity of others.

And you? Have you practiced sex somewhere out of the ordinary? Tell us now!