What is Tantra and what is Tantric sex? Learn all its secrets

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an esoteric tradition over 4,000 years old that teaches us to give a spiritual purpose to material desire. It comes from several Eastern countries and has developed in different variants, being these: Buddhist, Hindu, Yaina and Bon.

The goal of Tantra is for the human being to eliminate the darkness of his mind in order to reach a state of permanent peace and thus achieve total enlightenment.
The secret mantra

To reach total enlightenment you have to travel the paths of the sutra and the secret mantra. Mantra means “protection of the mind”.

Secret because they are methods that must be practiced discreetly. It is not advisable to openly show what we do so as not to attract attention and attract obstacles that prevent progress.

Secret mantra is an extremely difficult path to find and protects our mind from ordinary appearances and understandings. His ultimate goal is nothing more, nothing less, than to lead us to become Buddha.

What is tantric sex?

It is an oriental practice based on Tantra, whose primary objective is not to reach orgasm as in traditional sex, but invites us to use the energy of sex to achieve spiritual elevation and be one with the universe.
Tantric sex should be practiced slowly, as if it were a dance. It is important to feel each touch, each hug, each kiss and establish a spiritual connection with one and the other. There are almost as many ways to perform tantric sex as people who practice it. These forms range from the most orthodox Eastern to the most westernized; the important thing is to let go and find the one that makes us feel full and in union with the Divine.

Four essential keys to enjoy tantric sex

Live the present:

Keep your consciousness in the sexual act. Enjoy with the person next to you and forget about your daily worries.

Accept yourself and the other ones:

When you do not accept yourself as you are and focus your attention on the defects (call it cellulitis, extra kilos, age, etc.) you will hardly be able to achieve full tantric sex.

Accept your body and that of the person:

with whom you practice tantric sex, love every inch of your skin, even if it is an occasional couple and never see it again.

Express what you feel and think:

Tell how you feel at all times, communicate what you like and what you dislike. Ask for what you need. Express it with words, with moans, with bodily movements …

Tantric sex is an act of profound communication in which each member of the couple feels free to be himself and entrust his most intimate feelings to the other.

Follow a harmonic and fluid movement:

Find the balance and dance with your partner. Complement your rhythms with those of the other person; flows with it and feels the harmony of sexual pleasure.

To achieve harmony, it is very important that the environment is conducive, that smells, light and music, accompany the well-being of the moment.

What to keep in mind when practicing tantric sex

Preliminaries: Tantric sex has no beginning or end. Orgasm is not the goal, therefore you have to enjoy eternal preliminaries.

Breathe properly: synchronize your breathing with your partner’s.
Feel each millimeter of the other: feel your hugs, your kisses, perceive what the other person is transmitting to you.

Touch consciously: Caress, feel the touch of each part of the body, focus on the look, stop … and love the body of your partner.
Trust: Let yourself go, close your eyes and abandon any need for control.
Forget the passage of time: leave the clock and do not think about tomorrow, leave worries behind, put all your senses in your sexual partner.

In short, tantric sex is a different way of living and experiencing your sexuality from Tantra. Forget what you have learned so far and enjoy the eroticism of sex and all its inherent spirituality.

Do you know the practices of Tantra? Have you tried tantric sex ? Come and try it with our expert tantra masseuses in Barcelona. Tell us how the experience has turned out, we will love to hear from you.