What do you prefer: more sex or better sex? We unveiled it

It is well known that having an active sexual life increases the well-being and physical, mental and psychological happiness of any person.

But is it the same that the quality of these sexual relations is low? Is sex equally beneficial if we prioritize quantity over quality? How many times a week do we have to make love to feel sexually full and happy?

In short, the question is:

How much more sex, better?

At first it seems that when we enjoy a lot of something, more pleasure and happiness we will get if we can have a greater amount of it right? However, with sex there are some nuances that are worthy of taking into account.

There are things in life such as friendship, good food and even a good perfume, which do not necessarily have to be abundant to make us happy, but, on the contrary, the more selective we are in terms of quantity and frequency of consumption, the more benefits will contribute to our life. With sex, it can not be different.

Now is when you’re thinking that if you can have a lot of sex and quality, it’s better. Of course! It is not about having to choose between a little or a lot of sex, but between good sex or bad sex. And the reason is that having sex frequently is not necessarily synonymous with satisfaction or fulfillment. The only thing that, with all certainty, will increase our happiness is to have quality sex.

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Bet on quality rather than quantity

It is possible that even if you have a partner and a very active sexual life, your satisfaction may not be as full as it would be desirable. The answer, as you will intuit, lies in the quality of sex. And when we talk about quality, we talk about intensity and depth in emotions.

A couple that has a full and satisfactory sexual life, even if it is scarce, is much more prepared to face the ups and downs of every relationship. Of course it is not a guarantee that the couple will last over time, but it is known that quality sex is a preponderant factor in any relationship.

What is quality sex?

A quality sexual relationship does not necessarily imply that it has to do with love, but must include, among other conditions, the following:

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  • Full communication
  • Complicity
  • Mutual generosity
  • Understanding and empathy
  • Magic
  • Change capacity
  • Synchronicity
  • Romanticism
  • Reciprocal pleasure

These are just some of the objectives that we must not lose sight of in a full sexual relationship. And as you can see, it does not even have to do with the fact of having a stable partner, because they are conditions that can be achieved with any type of well-bodied sexual partner.

What is the ideal frequency in sex?

Several studies have shown that a low frequency in sex is not an obstacle to satisfaction, so if you are interested in knowing what the ideal frequency is, we will tell you that it is the least important condition if the ten requirements above are met mentioned.

Other studies conducted on couples of all ages have also concluded that, the more often in sexual encounters, the less response there is to stimuli and therefore, the less the desire for the other decreases. This is because the body gets used to repetitive stimuli and, if sexual intercourse is very frequent, satisfaction decreases.

However, if you insist on knowing a number, we will tell you that having sex once a week is a very healthy frequency. Although we insist, do not use this metric to feel pressure or to add stress to your relationship, because each couple is a world.
The fact of having sexual intercourse with too much assiduity can mechanize the sexual act and therefore, the quality and its benefits will decrease, and even this frequency can be harmful for the continuity of the couple.

At this point, what do you think? More sex or better sex? Tell us your experiences in this regard, they are very important to us.