Thai erotic massage

Massages are a form of therapy to help the body achieve relaxation, allow it to rest and take away tension.

Massages are an art that has been practiced for thousands of years and was born in the oldest civilizations that exist, unfortunately it is common that massage is known today as a simple help to release tension and the truth is that since it appeared , massage has been considered an art and the opportunity to make the body reach new sensations.

The massages that are practiced today, in most cases are no longer carried out with the delicacy and affection he had in a moment.

Although therapy massages, physiotherapy and all that type of massage if it fulfills its main purpose that is to help the well-being of the body, over the years the essence of what was at some point was the massage for Ancient civilizations and that was seen as an art.

There are still some places where the original practices of certain types of ancient massages are preserved, in the case of Spain there are some establishments that preserve this type of massage.

What is Thai massage?

One of the most pleasant ancient massages is Thai massage or also known as Thai massage.

This massage constitutes and encompasses a true art of Thai culture and due to its multiple benefits it is practiced both in medical centers as well as in temples.

The goal of Thai massage is to harmonize, calm, relax and stimulate the different energies of patients.

To achieve the above this massage is helped by different techniques that can be pressures and stretching of some of the body parts, with this it is intended to work mainly internal energy.

And if all of the above was done correctly, the body reaches a state of deep relaxation.

About thai erotic massage

Thai massage has originally been characterized because its practice is carried on the floor, that is, the entire massage process is done with the whole body lying on the floor and usually carried out with the clothes on.

However, if we talk that it is a Thai erotic massage, this is carried out in a special massage chair, however it is worth mentioning that despite being an erotic massage, this does not include as a purpose a sexual act since it does not It is necessary to be able to make the body feel a deep relaxation and intense energy.

Within the Thai erotic massage you can find a set of techniques that help you achieve your purpose, such as: the relaxation of the muscles, the manipulation of the skeleton or chiropractic and the pressure on the energy-possessing lines or acupressure.

Unlike other types of massages, Thai massage is characterized by a deep and quite intense process, because unlike other massages of soft and seductive caresses.

Thai massage involves techniques applied with the hands and fingers to exert some pressure on different areas of the body, such as elbows, knees, legs, feet, arms, among others.

A session of a thai erotic massage can last from 60 to 120 minutes depending on what you request.

Benefits of thai erotic massage

Thai massage has many benefits for the body, so much so that in Thai culture this type of massage is considered a medicine for physical and internal diseases of the body.

It is considered as a treatment and prevention for a large number of aches and pains.

Thai massage brings many benefits for physical and mental health, the following are some of the main ones:

●  Help the body posture.

●  It helps improve the lymphatic system and therefore the immune system.

●  It improves flexibility and helps to build better body muscles.

● Thai massage helps to achieve a better connection between the soul, body and mind while providing harmony in their interaction.

● Reduces stress significantly.