The preliminaries: the key to good sex that everyone should know

Much is said about the preliminary games in sex, but the reality is that previous sex games are practiced very little and are even less understood.

Throughout this article we will tell you what the preliminaries are and we will tell you some of the best kept secrets of our girls, experts in tantric massage, so you can practice them in your privacy and use them as preliminary games with your partner.

What are the preliminaries in sex?

When we talk about preliminaries in sex we are referring to the previous and preparatory games necessary to reach the fullness of the sexual act. These preliminary, also called or prolegómenos, depend much on the education that has been received in sexual matters and are an indispensable part of good sex.

The peak of the sexual act is reached with orgasm and, usually, through traditional sex. However, it is very common that these orgasms are non-existent or not very satisfactory.

Because of the sexist education that mixes sex with emotions, women tend to be the ones that demand the most preliminary games, however, they are very important skills for both sexes.

A sexual relationship without pleasure or limited pleasure for lack of preliminaries, should not be considered a complete sexual relationship.

The foreplay and seduction

While each person is a world and there are couples who may not need previous games, in most cases they are very convenient.

Some of the most common questions are: how long will the preliminary games last and which ones are the most exciting?

The truth is that any erotic and sexual contact, however minimal, can be considered a foreplay, even the same intercourse may be preliminary to something else. The duration time is the one that both determine as satisfactory, there are no rules in that.
In case you sometimes lack ideas, then we will give you some related to what we do best: erotic tantric massages.

With these three types of massages you can excite your partner so much, that their orgasms with you will be unforgettable. Of course, do not forget to dress them with your own imagination and creativity of the moment, and of course, adapt them to the characteristics of your partner.

Three tantric massages that will take your partner to climax

Keep in mind that it is advisable that the massages are carried out in a quiet room, dimly illuminated, with relaxing music and if possible, using candles and aromatic essences.

It is also important that the purpose of tantra is not orgasm but that it is to reach contact with the Divine through sexual pleasure.

Tantric body-to-body massage

This is one of the most sensual massages. It consists of taking off your clothes completely and with your body begin to caress the body of your partner slowly and gently.

Just feel your body and do not touch your private parts!

Your only mission is to lead her to such a state of excitement that she asks you to please touch them. It is then time to caress your sexual organs: the penis or Lingam in the case of men or the vagina or Yoni in the case of women.

Tantric massage with each other

It is about that both members of the couple prodigate each other’s massage at the same time.

The erotic massage must be carried out by tantric postures, caressing the intimate areas, the Yoni and the Lingam, and prolonging in time until both are willing to reach orgasm.

We assure you that this type of massage achieves one of the most intense orgasms you can imagine.

Sensual tantric massage

It is the most complete and includes a previous shower in which both have to enjoy kisses and intense and soft caresses in the erogenous zones.

Once the shower is over, one of the two lies on the bed and the member of the couple who lavishes the massage has to slide his buttocks over the chest and abdomen of the other.

For this so sensual massage it is important to have strategically placed mirrors so as not to lose sight of each other’s body and increase excitement even more.

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