Erotic massage and its benefits in the brain

Many say that performing and enjoying erotic massage is an art, because within the erotic massage there are diverse and varied emotions, new sensations, which help and influence when it comes to satisfying the sexual act or in the massage alone, and this makes it considered an art thanks to everything new that can be discovered in it.

Many people get to confuse erotic massage with the sexual act and they are not the same at all.

Sometimes, when there is an erotic massage between couples this can end up in a sexual act and this is very normal, but instead, if we talk about erotic massage and all the acts that it entails according to its definition, sex is not part of this.

In the event that you get to go to a professional massage, be sure that sex will not be part of the process of your service.

Both erotic massage and sex, have their own benefits and sensations for the body, it would be difficult to say that one is better than another since each one includes different things and manages their own excitations.

However, although you do not believe it, erotic massage has many benefits for the body, many, so much so that we could say that it has almost all the benefits that sex entails except for those that only occur with penetration.

Erotic massage and its stimulations

It is said that erotic massage is one of the best ways to know your body.

There are massages that are performed with delicacy and sensuality in several and new parts of the body that probably had never been caressed and many of these usually have points that cause excitement and you do not even know it, and this is how it helps you to know your body.

Explore all the sensations you may have in it.

So, the stimulations that the erotic massage can have can be new and once they are known, they are many and very intense.

Erotic massage helps various senses to feel more sensations, among them is the touch and sight with which you can experience more sensation and visual excitement, this can cause such intense excitement, that to reach orgasm will only depend on a few minutes of sexual intercourse and there are even people who have orgasm only with massage.

Erotic massage and the brain

As you saw, there are many stimulations that erotic massage can have on the body and there are organs that benefit more from this than others and one of them is the brain.

Many times it is interpreted that at the time of the erotic massage, the sensations take place in the part of the body where the massage is taking place and it is not so, the protagonist in all the sensations that the body gets to experience during this process is brain.

At the time of receiving an erotic massage the hypothalamus is affected in a positive way, because within the massage, caresses and excitement, as well as desire is something that is never missing and the hypothalamus is responsible for excitement stimuli to through the senses

With this, the body enters a state of relaxation and liberation where caresses are very involved.

Also, during the massage process, dopamine is a hormone that is not lacking, because thanks to the stimulation and excitation of the body, the brain begins to release this hormone that mainly helps to forget the problems that are outside the room and concentrate solely on the enjoyment of the moment.

Another act that involves the benefit of the brain during erotic massage, is the release of codeine, which has analgesic effects and therefore it is very common for the body to relax and stop feeling certain discomfort or pain at the time of erotic massage.

With all of the above, we can be sure that erotic massage brings many benefits for the body, however, the main protagonist of all this is the brain, who when stimulated, activates the body and causes harmony to it.