Tantric sex and 3 questions that do not you dare to ask

When we think about going to a massage session of erotic tantric sex it is possible that uncertainty invades us and we begin to ask ourselves some questions that hardly have an easy answer to obtain.

Either because sex is still a taboo subject even in our days or because we do not know anyone to trust enough to ask, these doubts often remain unanswered. And going to the Google search engine with these queries, which are so personal is not usually indicated.

That is why today, based on our long experience in tantric sex, we will try to answer the most common questions you may have and do not dare to share with your friends or family.

Answers to 3 frequently asked questions about tantric sex

Does it hurt to receive a prostate massage?

Receiving a prostate massage is a pleasant way to reach the “G-spot” male. The point G of the man is precisely in the entrance of the anus. It is well known that a massage in that area produces an unimaginable pleasure, a joy that can hardly be achieved otherwise.

But how is prostate massage done? Does it hurt that the tantric masseuse puts her fingers in your anus? The answer is: definitely not! On the contrary, if you receive a prostate massage you could reach an indescribable orgasm.

The tantra masseuse, besides being an expert in performing prostate massages, will stimulate your anal area very little by little. Achieving through this stimulation that you relax and excite to such a point that you wish with madness the contact of her hands.

By massaging your erogenous zones all the time she will take into account your feelings. You have to think that she knows the perfect technique to gradually approach to the entrance of your anus. In addition, she will use a lubricant that will start rubbing in the prostate area with your index finger. This will take away any tension and help to delay the entrance.

As she perceives that your excitement increases, she will introduce her fingers and stimulate your prostate. You have nothing to fear, because it is one of the most sensitive areas of your body and the one that gives you the greatest pleasure.

I have a small penis, can I enjoy equally with the massage?

Of course yes!

That the size of the penis influences the sexual pleasure that is given and received is one of the most widespread sexual myths.

The tantric massages adapt perfectly to any size of penis and both the masseuse and the person receiving the massage will fully enjoy it.

It is much more important that you relax and allow your five senses to enjoy a complete massage, for example with her body naked, to find your own pleasure that you worry if your penis has the right size or not.

Come to our Dharma Massage Center and ask for the massage you prefer from the ones we offer you in our massage menu. Enjoy and forget the world.

How long does the massage and the erotic-tantric session last? 

Many men worry about whether they take a short or long time to reach orgasm. 

Do not forget that the goal of a tantric massage is not to get an orgasm but to reach your inner divine being through sexual enjoyment. It is for this reason that the time you delay, even if you do not reach ejaculation, will not be important.

Some studies say that a satisfactory orgasm can be achieved thanks to a tantric massage in a time that ranges between 10 and 15 minutes. However, a tantra massage session can last between 60 and 90 minutes. More than enough time to fully enjoy the pleasure you will receive.

Eliminate any type of worry that adds stress or anxiety and prevents you from enjoying.

Attend your massage without expectations and you will see that you will leave as new, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our advice is that you enjoy taboos of tantric massage for as long as it lasts.

It is more than certain that you have many other doubts. Do not worry about anything, contact us, and ask us for the massage you prefer. We are waiting for you to enjoy with us a tantric massage full of relaxation, eroticism and pleasure, in a truly magical environment.