Relaxing erotic massages after the Mobile World Congress, the pleasure of relaxation

The Mobile World Congress (WMC) is well known for being one of the most prestigious international technology congresses. It is a summit meeting in which great personalities related to the world of wireless mobile technology are concentrated.

This congress will be held in Spain, more precisely at the Fira de Barcelona – Gran Vía. It will start on February 25, 2019 and end on February 28 of the same year. As additional information, in this 2018 the WMC received more than 100 000 visitors from almost 200 countries. Many of its assistants are companies of great renown at an international level.

It will be four intense days in which investors, senior executives, directors of companies and scientists, among others, will exchange not only their knowledge of the world of 4G but also share the exhaustion of the long days of exhibitions to which they will be subjected .

Complete relaxation after the Mobile World Congress

This summit meeting, related to global technology and the R & D platform, is organized every year and its main objective is for countries to collaborate to bring their news in mobile communications to the world.

There are so many news and events that are experienced in a meeting of such nature that they give rise to an imperative need: that of combating fatigue with an alternative that allows stress to be relieved. And we are referring to finding that space of sexual enjoyment and intimate relaxation that only tantra techniques can offer.

This is where the sensual tantric massages offered by our erotic masseuses in Barcelona begin to play a fundamental role.

Erotic tantric massage in Barcelona

If you are one of the many attendees of this technological congress, you can not fail to verify the magic that springs from the expert hands of our masseurs. We assure you that said congress will remain in your memory for life and not only for the latest in mobile technology, as you can imagine.

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Erotic massages for all tastes

If you have never received an erotic tantric massage, you should know that it is a kind of massage that allows us to explore ancient oriental techniques. This type of massage is an art whose benefits both physical and mental are innumerable.

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If you allow us a suggestion, the massage that we recommend most for occasions when you need to free yourself from exhaustion is the Lingam decontracting tantric massage. It is a massage in which the masseuse pays special attention to your private parts to prolong your orgasm until it reaches its maximum intensity.

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