We show you the winning formula; Eroticism + Intimacy = Maximum Sexual Pleasure

On the surface, intimacy and eroticism are two terms that seem contradictory and conflicting.

Consequently, people often think that in a relationship, both cannot coexist.

Even many believe that once the relationship reaches a certain level of intimacy, eroticism is simply no longer necessary. In other words, sexual pleasure and desire will come by themselves.

However none of this is true. In fact, basing a relationship on this belief will affect both eroticism and intimacy.

Therefore, to create a sexually satisfying relationship, both eroticism and intimacy need to be incorporated into the relationship.

What is eroticism?

One of the main characteristics of eroticism is that it incorporates into the relationship, personal and sexual risks, with the aim of doing things in a different way.

This can be from a new location, wearing a different type of lingerie, or trying a new sexual position. In other words, any small change in the usual routine.

However, we must understand that eroticism thrives on unpredictability and mystery. Therefore, the less routine or familiar something is, the more intense the emotion will be.

In addition, eroticism alone brings vitality and youthful feelings to the relationship. It is obviously an aspect of our sex life that requires space, individuality and autonomy.

It can be said then that eroticism has to do with behaving in the least politically correct way.

What is intimacy?

As regards intimacy it is an aspect that has to do with predictability and routine. That is, knowing what will happen next:

  • I know how my partner moves
  • I also know what he likes
  • Of course I know how he will react.

Consequently, intimacy is a feeling of union and synchrony. It also generates a feeling of emotional security, attachment and stability. However, unlike eroticism, intimacy does not require space.

On the contrary, it requires an absolute connection with your partner. But due to their familiarity and predictability, it would seem that intimacy should guarantee us a full sex life.

However, everything indicates that a relationship with a high level of intimacy often causes a decrease in sexual desire.

How are intimacy and eroticism related?

Couples who lose sexual desire often began their relationship with an intense sexual desire, which faded over time.

Most of the time this happens when the relationship passes from falling in love and emotion, to love and intimacy. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to keep eroticism alive in an intimate relationship.

The good news is that there are ways to achieve this and one of them is through spontaneity. In other words, spontaneous means that you get out of the conventional routine, of monotony.

For example, if the night is your most intimate moment, perhaps you can make your most intimate moment at a different time of day. In addition, a spontaneous detail during the day can be a brief kiss, take your partner’s hand while driving, give a shoulder massage, or even simply hug her without waiting for her.

In any case you should not forget that eroticism fits well with changes and therefore, you can get it by exploring new things. Something you can try could be a more provocative type of lingerie, perhaps a new sex toy, adding scented candles to the bedroom, even making a fantasy come true.

In fact, intimate games are an effective way to awaken eroticism. Consequently, use your imagination and creativity to make your games more secret and exciting.

Additionally both funny messages can be sent and once the erotic scenario has been recovered, give way to recover the intimacy. You and your partner must decide on what they enjoy doing after an erotic encounter.

For example, after a hugs game, it may be a good idea to talk about random topics, comment on the things you enjoyed most, make jokes, as well as highlight all the traits or aspects that you like about each other.

Final thoughts

It is generally assumed that it is women who enjoy intimacy more while men are the ones who enjoy eroticism the most. However, it is a fact that both men and women want to incorporate intimacy and eroticism into their relationship.

And although it seems what they are like water and oil it is essential to introduce intimacy to eroticism, eroticism to intimacy and from there learn to get the most out of them to have a full and satisfying sex life.