How to increase sexual desire with a tantric massage

Many people do not know that sexual desire can easily be altered by the most diverse internal and external factors. None of us maintain the same intensity of our libido during our whole life, not even during the same day.

In fact, when we begin a relationship, sexual desire remains “through the roof”. However, with the passage of time and especially when we finish the stage of falling in love, sexual desire is decreasing.

Fortunately, it is possible to increase sexual desire in many ways since it can be influenced, among other things, by the activity of our hormones.

Oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin and serotonin

Called by some as “the quartet of happiness”, these hormones act in our organism providing us with that pleasant feeling of joy.

Unlike the philosophers and artists who, throughout the centuries, represented and defined happiness in the most diverse ways, endocrinologists and neuroscientists have discovered that happiness is really unleashed from a chemical and biological process.

So much so, that joy does not depend on love or any other external factor but triggers thanks to the activity of our hormones. This leads us to conclude that the feeling of happiness can be forced.

The truth is that the libido fluctuates constantly depending on the situations, call stress, changes, labor changes, lack of money and even, the food we eat can greatly condition our sexual appetite.

Tantric massage and happiness

When we reach a great excitement, as for example happens when we receive a tantric massage, it is very likely that we want to continue receiving more massages since our organism, from a reward system, “asks us” to return to that sensation that resulted so extremely rewarding.

Of course this happens with many other situations (eating chocolate is one of them), but in the case of sexual desire, the production of hormones is very involved. And it is very important that we know it in order to consciously stimulate the mental system of rewards that produces a kind of addiction.

In women it is easier for sexual desire to diminish with the passage of time, either because they focus on their children or because when they pass the stage of falling in love they already feel connected to their partner at other levels. However, although to a lesser extent, it also happens to men. That is why many times they need to relive those sensations looking for pleasure in tantric massages.

But let’s see in more detail how we can increase sexual desire by managing two main external factors:

The frequency

The periodicity with which we have sexual relations directly influences the intensity of our desire. The more frequently, the more our libido increases and on the contrary, if we spend a lot of time without having sex, it is very possible that our body

feel less inclined to seek new encounters.

This, in addition to having to do with hormones, is related to psychological factors since our mind begins to experience fear and insecurity. When we receive sexual stimuli periodically, we give up any thoughts of anxiety and we are dedicated to enjoy the sensations.

A good way to eliminate this anxiety from our body is to go to a center like Dharma and relive the eroticism by asking for tantric massage at hotel in Barcelona (for example) that, far from seeking a specific goal, aims only to reach our inner being using sex as a tool and not as an end in itself.


That of “we are what we eat” is absolutely true. The foods we eat can greatly influence the increase or decrease of our libido.

If we are taking a very strict diet it is very likely that our libido will decrease since our body focuses its energy on burning calories and on the consumption of fats to stay more active.

In short, any circumstance of our life can trigger the decrease or increase of sexual appetite. The requirement not to ejaculate soon or to reach compulsory orgasm can affect us considerably, so receiving periodically a tantric massage is the perfect solution to increase your sexual desire since it will free you from the obligation and will keep your body balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And you, do you have any tactics to increase sexual desire?