Marathon of sex

If you have already tried it, you will agree that sex is one of the greatest pleasures that the human body can enjoy, it is a healthy way to satisfy your sexual desire as long as you are responsible for what it means to have a responsible sexual life.

If you are here it is because you enjoy having sex with your partner and are looking for tips and advice to achieve a marathon of sex.

Before starting, you should know that to have a satisfactory marathon of sex, quality is more important than quantity, that is, if you are only looking to have a few meetings and you are not paying attention to your satisfaction and that of your partner then you would have no case a marathon of sex.

Surely you have heard some people comment on how well they spend in a marathon of sex and it is true, it is very satisfying, but whenever it is done without forcing it and in a natural way and with desire, not just because.

Then, taking into account the above, we will mention below:

Some tips and advice that will help you achieve marathon satisfactory

Context and setting

Every outcome deserves a context according to the story, and in this case, we recommend that if you plan a marathon night with desire and all the intention on both sides, you should provide a good atmosphere in the place.

It may be that your bedroom, living room or terrace are the stage, but not because they have been there before, it means you must neglect it.

On the contrary, so that everyone feels comfortable and free in the place we recommend that you keep it collected and that you ambience it with something romantic like roses, red candles, half lights, flavorings or whatever you can think of to turn it into a passionate sex night.

Remember that the intention is to provide a feeling of well-being and tranquility in the place so that everything flows naturally and comfortably.


Whether you eat before, during or after, food is essential in a sexual encounter to generate energy and regain strength, then, as we talk about it being a physical activity we must try to eat healthy and not heavy food and of course you should not forget the water.

Since we now have a marathon of sex in mind, it is very important to plan a meal full of foods that provide us with energy and help us stay hydrated.

For example, apples, bananas, nuts, almonds, strawberries, pure water and seasonal vegetables, of course it would be easier to buy something prepared like a pizza but this type of food will not give you the nutrition you need.

Sexual communication with your partner

Talking about sex among everyone always helps to have a better understanding of what things agree and others don’t.

Communication is very important to know what others like and what they don’t like, as well as you, for that reason, it is that by talking they can reach a consensus on how far they can get in sex.

Take care of your body and your mind

It is popularly believed that the only organ to feel pleasure during sex is the genitals, but this is not the case, the brain is also the protagonist in this process even more than the genitals or any other organ.

Then, dedicate your time to planning how you would like this marathon of sex in terms of food, place, among other things, because by organizing this type of things you help yourself and others to make the pleasure greater.

This does not mean that we become obsessed with this, only that we dedicate time and specify what we need, it is not about being perfect.

Dare to experience

Forget about taboos and social stigmas.

The human body is full of nerve terminals that help to feel more pleasure at the time of sex, so, give yourself the opportunity to investigate what you like both you and others, this will help them to reach a more pleasant orgasm.