Male orgasm

Orgasm is usually an experience of pleasurable sensations that give rise to the brain and genital organs, it is the physiological process by which the body climaxes.

Are orgasm and ejaculation the same?

However, many come to confuse the arrival of orgasm with ejaculation and it does not necessarily have to be this way, since they are two different responses of the organism that can occur at the same time but are not the same.

When an orgasm occurs in the body, the sensation it produces produces travels through the medulla and the brain mainly to reach the genital area where it occurs most intensely.

But really the sensation is had throughout the body, because by having an orgasm the brain releases certain chemicals that activate other areas of the body, such as the increase in pressure, elevated heart rate, dilated pupils and activate ejaculation .

So, although both things can happen at the same time (orgasm and ejaculation), they are independent reactions and sensations and in the case of men, they can have all the sensations of an orgasm and also be having the same without needing to ejaculate .

Can a man be multiorgasmic?

Yes, he can. Although women tend to be more multiorgasmic than men, this does not mean that men are not, on the contrary, if he not a multiorgasmic man, he can become one by controlling ejaculation and the body itself.

In the case of women, multiorgasms are given by a series of sensations of the same intensity, in the case of men, it is also a series of pleasant sensations without ejaculation.

That is, to be a multi-orgasmic man or to know how one is, be experiencing a serie of intense sensations but not ejaculate, this happens without the man ceasing to feel the same pleasure.

Stages of male orgasm

Among men and women, the man in most cases turns out to be more sexual than the woman and has greater ease of reaching orgasm compared to women, but to reach the male orgasm you have to go through a series of phases and things that characterize it.

Then we mention them.


It is characterized by the fantasy of sexual encounters or the satisfaction of the body, this occurs at the mental level and can occur before or after the sexual encounter.

Normally, desire is always the first step to reach orgasm.


It takes place thanks to physical or psychic stimulation, at the physical level it is characterized by the erection of the penis in men and by the secretion of the vagina in women and at the psychic level it is characterized by the increase of pleasurable sensations in the body.


It is a pre-phase before orgasm, this is when the body is preparing for orgasm, as they maintain and increase the levels of excitement leading to orgasm.


After the plateau you finally reach orgasm, this is where the greatest pleasant sensation in the male body occurs at the psychic and physical level.

When a high point is already reached in the excitement, it is when it makes its way to orgasm, at a psychic level, orgasm is represented as a discharge of pleasure and satisfaction and at a physical level it is represented by tremors or rhythmic muscle contractions in the tissues of the penis .

In the case of men, they reach a point called ejaculatory point of inevitability, in which even if you want you can not stop the expulsion of semen.


It is what happens after orgasm, it is represented on a psychic level by the feeling of well-being, relaxation and tranquility, as well as the harmony of the body.

On a physical level it is represented by the numbness of the male organ and by returning to its previous state before the sexual act.

In this phase, the man cannot repeat the sexual act until he is in a normal state without physical or psychic stimulations.