Double Relaxation Find out!

When you receive a tantric Lingam massage you connect with the masseuse on a personal level. You also connect with her universal sexual energy and what you experience has no comparison.

Many will mistakenly think that Lingam is an elegant name for male masturbation. However, a lingam massage is done with much more consideration, respect, care and desire to provide selfless pleasure.

What is the Lingam tantric massage?

A Lingam massage is basically a tantric sexual practice oriented to massage the penis. Unlike what is done when a man is masturbated, tantric lingam massage involves not only massaging and stroking the penis.

It also incorporates more advanced stimulation techniques, such as massage to the testicles, prostate and perineum. It is important to understand that lingam massage has nothing to do with having an orgasm and ejaculating.

What it is about is trying to feel more pleasure that turns into waves of multiple orgasms throughout the massage. In the philosophy of tantra you have to approach the lingam from a place of much love and respect.

When the masseuse provides pleasure during the lingam massage, she fills herself with that same energy through an exchange of giving and receiving pleasure.

The Lingam Tantric Massage Philosophy

Unfortunately, many men in their personal lives do not have the opportunity to experience this level of pleasure. This is because sometimes their partners do not feel totally comfortable massaging their partner’s penis.

What happens with the Lingam tantric massage is that it is a practice that really honors the penis and those who have it. It is done with the goal of providing pleasure.

In addition, there is a large amount of sexual energy or chi in a man’s penis. Therefore, giving a stimulating massage and circulating that energy is very powerful.

In India, the statues of Shiva Lingam are considered by ancient tantric practitioners, not as a state of meditation. For them they have a secret meaning.

They consider that all the powerful energy of God Shiva was concentrated in the penis, where it is thought the most masculine essence is contained. Consequently, sacred sex has to do with approaching the body of man as a temple and his penis as the most sacred site of all.

How is tantric lingam massage performed?

What happens during a tantric lingam massage is very special. It all starts by making you relax, with your legs apart and your knees bent so she can access the entire genital area.

Upon receiving this erotic massage your massage therapist will ask you to breathe deeply so that you get total relaxation. While receiving the lingam massage, the massage therapist receives your energy of excitement and pleasure when inhaling, and sends her sexual energy upon exhalation.

At the moment this connection is established you will experience a deeper feeling of meditation and total attention. You will feel more empathy with the thoughts and feelings of your masseuse.

Not only that, your sexual intuition will increase, so you’ll be more aware of what your massage therapist wants without having to ask. You will begin to feel really comfortable and excited.

The masseuse uses an oil that smells delicious to lubricate the trunk of your penis and your testicles. She starts by sliding her hands from top to bottom making you feel even more relaxed.

Your testicles are massaged slowly and the massage therapist may her their fingernails to pull them slightly. She can also simply take them and caress them on the palm of her hand.

If you are not at all comfortable with this, it is good that you tell the masseuse before starting the lingam massage. In any case, once you are completely excited, the masseuse will focus on your penis.

You will enjoy an intense and light massage, with upward and downward movements, including rotating movements. The massage varies in speed from slow to fast to give you more pleasure.

There will come a point where you are so excited that you want to explode. But your masseuse, who pays attention to your breathing, your body and your groans, will prevent it.

She is able to predict how close you are to orgasm and will remind you to breathe.

But perhaps the most exciting of all, is that the best is yet to come and without a doubt that is something you will have to discover for yourself.