Do you know the 5 benefits of morning sex? Enroll in this healthy practice

Did you know that morning sex brings great benefits to your mental, physical and psychological health?

Indeed, the simple fact of having sex in the morning definitely increases our quality of life. The reasons are as varied as it is the sexual act itself, since, in addition to preparing ourselves in every way to face the day to day, it clears us mentally, improves our mood and, if that were not enough, strengthens our immune system raising our defenses considerably.

Next, we will give you the five main reasons why starting the day by ruffling the sheets will be highly beneficial and, if it is reinforced by a tantric massage as a preliminary game, much more!

Discover the 5 benefits of morning sex

You will take advantage of the first erection of the day

Undoubtedly you know that it is very common in man, to wake up with an impressive spontaneous erection. This type of erection has its origin in a natural physical process produced by the relaxation of the arteries and the musculature of the corpora cavernosa. Through it, the body carries more oxygen to the penis, improves blood circulation and helps with its proper functioning.

And what better way to take advantage of that gift of biology than using that erection to have sex with someone you want?
When finished, you will both feel relaxed and happy, you will completely transform the day and why not, you will be better able to generate new job opportunities.

You will consume twice calories rather than going to the gym

In the time that lasts the sexual act, the deployment of a number of emotions and physical movement, coupled with the energy expenditure that causes an orgasm, will allow you to burn twice the calories that you would consume in that same period in a gym or out to run.

Depending on the time you spend making love you can burn up to 300 calories. Why then not taking advantage of that wonderful feeling on your skin given by the person you love and at the same time use it to lose weight?

You will increase the defenses of your organism

It is proven that having sex brings a great dose of happiness. By feeling full, loved and desired, our emotions are triggered by providing an additional reinforcement in the defenses by raising endorphins, also called hormones of happiness.

Also, that love meeting in the morning will become a vitamin smoothie of such effectiveness, which could not be replaced by pills or fruit consumption, because in addition to the body, making love strengthens self-esteem and combats depression.

And, if that were not enough, the hormonal increase will improve our skin, give strength to our hair and improve our blood circulation. All this translates into a clear increase in physical beauty.

We will be happy and smiling during the day

Morning sex provides the same effect as waking up in the middle of a party with loved ones. Worries disappear and the real world disappears.

The touch with the skin of the person you love when you have not opened your eyes completely, the touch of your hands become intimate caresses, your kisses and your hugs, will make you feel in the middle of a sweet dream mixed with reality.
The joy effect will remain throughout the day, even wake you up more than coffee and the best ?, without having to suffer its side effects. Test and you will prove it!

It will strengthen the relationship with your partner

If the previous night you have fallen asleep with some discomfort, with some doubt or after having discussed, the awakening with sex will make you feel that everything bad has disappeared and that what prevails is desire, love and trust.
It’s a wonderful way to express an “I love you” without having to apologize for saying something that might have hurt.

Morning sex eliminates the small grudges and the relationship will be completely renewed. What do you think of these five benefits of morning sex? And to you, what do you like more, making love by day or by night?