The Female and Male Orgasm. All its benefits

There is no doubt that sex is one of the most pleasant and satisfying physical activities that there may be, because although it may not seem like it, having sex helps the body’s health in general since it is a way of exercising body.

Therefore, it is very common that after the end of the sexual act you can experience tranquility, feel full and sometimes due to fatigue, sleep occurs and the naps that you have after sex, turn out to be the ones that help you rest the body

Sex involves many types of sensations, however, when sexual activity is carried out, the main objective is to be able to maximize this, that is, there is a climax.

That climax is that moment of the sexual act where the greatest excitement occurs and because of this, neuronal and physical discharges occur where the body reaches the highest degree of satisfaction and pleasant sensations, this climax is called orgasm.

Orgasm is considered one of the best experiences that can be had for both men and women, it is a magical act and stasis where the body reaches its highest degree of pleasure accompanied by other satisfactory and unique sensations. And whether orgasm is reached alone or with the help of a partner, the really important thing is that you know and experience it.

Orgasm is not only the greatest source of pleasure, because orgasm, besides being all that set of passion, pleasure and satisfaction, orgasm is one of the things that most help the health and harmony of the body and its organism.

But what benefits does orgasm have?

It is true that there are few things in the world that can be equated with what it is to feel and live an orgasm, but as we already mentioned, orgasm is not only pleasure and there are many people who are unaware of its health benefits.

While orgasm has many health benefits, these benefits may vary depending on whether we talk about a man or a woman.

Benefits of female orgasm

It improves circulation

Studies have revealed that female orgasm produces a constant and healthy flow of blood in the body, makes it flow more easily and as it should, this helps maintain healthy tissue and in turn improves heart health.

A type of exercise

Although orgasms cannot be considered as a concrete and routine form of exercise, they closely resemble what happens in the body when exercising, because orgasm carries a cardiovascular activity and for that reason it helps blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.

Natural analgesic

The reactions caused by orgasm in the body fulfill the function of being an analgesic for headaches and mainly for menstrual cramps.

It helps to sleep

Female orgasm is the answer indicated for problems with sleeping, because at the time it takes place, the body releases endorphins that have a sedative effect and therefore help to sleep better.

It improves brain health

When an a woman reaches an orgasm, her brain pumps oxygen more than normal.

Benefits of male orgasm

Burns calories

Studies have shown that men reach orgasm can burn up to more than 130 calories in a few minutes and only with orgasm.

It prevents cancer

 At the time of orgasm, men usually release hormones such as oxytocin and others that have preventive effects against cancer cells.

Relaxes the body

When male orgasm takes place, the body enters a state of relaxation where anxiety and stress are eliminated for a few hours and this is because orgasm helps mental relaxation and thus prevents the brain from thinking about other things that are not  the act of the moment.

Improves defenses

The male orgasm is a stimulator to the immune system, this means that it helps it to be more stable and improves defenses against diseases such as the flu and colds.