Essential elements in a pleasant erotic massage

Erotic massage represents an excellent opportunity for the couple to experience the true pleasure of their sexuality. However, there must be certain elements that are essential in an erotic massage and that are precisely what we want to talk about on this occasion.

The environment

Establishing an environment or a scene from the beginning is essential for the erotic massage to exceed your expectations as a couple. Why is it so important? Well, because an environment can easily make or interrupt the experience of the person receiving the massage. Fortunately, this does not have to be an effort that consumes a lot of time, as long as the following aspects are considered.

First, what is sought is to create an environment completely free of distractions. Therefore you should get rid of the mobile, laptops or enable silence mode and keep them out of reach,

preferably outside the room. It is also advisable that you disconnect the TV and that you even cover the alarm clocks and other devices with electronic screens that can distract them.

After this, you should take a moment to think about how your partner likes to relax. It is possible that they enjoy a scent of a particular candle or maybe they prefer a floral arrangement. It is also advisable to put soft and instrumental music in such a way that you can create a world that is only for the two of you.

Once all of the above is done, it is time for you to consider what “equipment” you will use during the erotic massage. Of course the oil is a fundamental element, however the one you choose will depend entirely on your preferences and those of your partner. Coconut and almond oils are recommended as they have perfume with excellent moisturizing effects.

Some people prefer the sensation of mineral oils, while others prefer vegetable oils such as sunflower or canola oil. Another thing to consider is the place where your partner will receive the massage. The bed of course is a good space, if it is large enough for your partner to stretch comfortably.

However, do not forget that a table or the floor are equally good choices, once you place a soft and layered mat.

The mentality

Incorporating erotic massage into your relationship can lead to a better and more active sexual life. And while this is certainly a wonderful side effect, it is important that your mindset focuses completely on your partner’s enjoyment and relaxation. For that reason it is convenient that before beginning with the erotic massage you ask yourself the following thing:

  • How can I make my partner’s experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible?
  • How can I communicate with my partner to give them the maximum pleasure?
  • What signs should I look for in my partner’s reactions or responses?

The answers to these questions will help you maintain an appropriate mentality during the entire erotic massage session. While it may take a little time to find out, it is worth giving your partner the erotic and relaxing experience you are looking for.

The technique

Although the environment and mentality are essential elements in an erotic massage as a couple, the truth is that the massage itself would be nothing without the proper technique. In this sense, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the fundamental thing is to focus on how your partner responds to your touching. While it may be possible for you to be tempted to follow a routine strictly or specific erotic massage technique, it is important that

you also lean on your intuition to see what your partner likes. Then use your judgment accordingly to alter the routine.

Of course, at the beginning of any session of erotic massage, it is best to start with soft and light touches. The purpose of this is to circulate the blood and prepare your partner for the massage they are about to receive. Use the palm of your hand and start with a light touch. You can use any pattern you choose, although circular movements are the most common and the best to cover a larger surface of the body.

You should not forget to maintain a constant pressure and make sure you pay the same amount of attention to each area of your partner’s body. You can also use your thumb and fingertips to take muscle tissue between them and tighten at varying intervals. This is excellent for large muscles, such as those found in the thighs, buttocks and upper arms.